RSLogix 5000 Training:

ControlLogix - The CLXTrainer (30 hours/50 hours with Lab Manual)
Prod #: KT-200-CLXTrainer
This RSLogix 5000 training software is a great next step, after completing our PLC training software. Some not being properly trained yet, may believe a PAC like Rockwell's Controllogix is a PLC and they can 'figure it out'. But after viewing the RSLogix 5000 training screen shots at the 'Details' link below, you will see there is a whole lot more to learn when working with PACs.
Side Note: A PLC use a micro-processor to perform a single scan cycle in a continuous loop. A PAC is an industrial computer with multiple full processors, that emulates a PLC while multitasking for many other control structures and programming languages.
On this page and the details page at link below, you will see examples of the above facts and that this CLXTrainer software is a very cost effective Controllogix and RSLogix 5000 training solution.

RSLogix 5000 Training Sections:

  • Introduction to ControlLogix
  • Overview of RSLogix 5000
  • ControlLogix Architecture
  • ControlLogix Memory
  • Project Organization
  • RSLogix 5000 Data File Types
  • ControlLogix Bit Instructions
  • Timer Instructions
  • Counter Instructions
  • Data Collecting
  • File/Data Manipulation
  • Shift Registers/Sequencers
  • Program Control Instructions
  • Configuring Analog Modules
  • Structured Text Programming
  • Function Block Programming
  • Documenting Programs
  • Communications
Note: This training software does not include an RSLogix 5000 simulator you can type you own code/logic into. It does allow you to interact with pre-defined RSLogix 5000 simulations relevant to topic being taught.
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The PLC Training course is a prerequisite for the PAC (RSLogix 5000) course on this page.
After completing this PAC training course, you may want to move on to the HMI Training course.
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