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Our company has served the training industry for 31 years as a provider of quality instructional software for PLC training, ControlLogix training, Motor Control training, HMI training, Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) training, and DeviceNet training.
We are technical trainers with over 100 years of combined experience in industry education and training. Our tutorials are interactive, multimedia Computer-Based Training applications that give the learner a "visual perception" of many abstract concepts associated with these technical areas.
We specialize in applications for ...

PLC Training

Programmable Logic Control (PLC) Training, ControlLogix Training, HMI (Human Machine Interface) Training, and DeviceNet Training.

Motor Control Training

Motor Control Training and Troubleshooting Training.

Fluid Power Training

Pneumatic & Hydraulics Training.
We also distribute the LogixPro PLC Simulator and Constructor 15 technical training software.
electrical control training

All Koldwater technical training software is compatible with all Windows operating systems and prints a Certificate of completion. The best means of contact is via email or contact form.

The most flexible and cost-effective technical training licensing offered anywhere in the world!


Student License: A single person may take and learn from the course, which never expires. We offer student prices (under $200 for a single course) to any individual, even if they are not in school. We have kept the pricing the same for over 20 years. (Note: Purchase multiple courses in course bundles to save even more!)

Site License: Unlimited students/employees at one physical location, a perpetual license that never expires, and no annual fees.

Enterprise License: The Enterprise License provides Unlimited Site Licenses for a school or company. It authorizes unlimited number of physical locations anywhere in the States or even the world!


Flexibility: With the Site License and Enterprise License, your employees and students can also install courses on their home computers for distance learning. With all licenses, if you decide to upgrade the license type, we will deduct the cost of the previous licenses purchased from the price of the new license on the quote we send. If you would like a quote for either of the unlimited student licenses to generate a purchase order, please use the Request a Training Quote Form on our parent company's website. Purchasing licenses for multiple course bundles results in additional discounts, indicated on the course bundles description page.

With the Site License, you can also install on your LAN for a licensed facility, but not a WAN.

With the Enterprise License, you can also install it on your LAN and WAN for a licensed company or school. Additionally, with the Enterprise License, you can request SCORM examples for courses that have SCORM versions available.

 The Enterprise License gives maximum flexibility to use training material any way you see fit, short of reselling it. So, if your instructor wants to grab resources from the installed copy to use in their custom course, that is also allowed.

Please feel free to contact us with your questions. Please email us about Special Technical School & Community College Discounts and for instructions on purchasing by Purchase Order. Colleges and corporations worldwide have experienced great savings year after year by incorporating our industrial technical training software bundles into their curriculum at a fraction of the cost everyone else charges institutions for training software.

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Download Free Demos

Download demo versions below to be installed on Windows PC.


Note for MSI downloads: We've updated our software downloads to use Microsoft Install format (.msi) for safer and more reliable installation and signed with our certified software publisher certificate. If you're new to MSI installation and are using the Google Chrome browser click to See Pictorial, or for MS Edge browser See Pictorial.


Note for EXE downloads: After downloading software from the internet, right-click the file, select properties, and unblock before running the installation file. Click to See Pictorial. (Or read How to Unblock Downloaded Files.)



PLC Training Demo (.msi)    [.exe version] - 231M
ControlLogix Training Demo (.msi)    [.exe version] - 183M
Motor Control Training Demo (.msi)    [.exe version] - 314M
Variable Frequency Drive Demo (.msi)    [.exe version] - 243M
HMI Training Demo (.msi)    [.exe version] - 285M
DeviceNet Training Demo (.msi)    [.exe version] - 285M
Fluid Power Training Demo (.msi)    [.exe version] - 367M
Electrical Troubleshooting Training Demo (.msi)    [.exe version] - 110M