September 2015 Koldwater Software was acquired by Business Industrial Network ( BIN95.com ) and we will strive to maintain and improve on Koldwater founder [Stan's] hard work over decades. We will at the same time stick with BIN95's prime directive to provide you with the Best for Less. In honor of Stan's great works, we decide to leave some of his original bio below...
Koldwater Industrial Technology, LLC was founded in 1989 as Koldwater Software. The company was formed out of a need for interactive computer-based training applications for electro-mechanical motor controls and programmable logic controllers. During our tenure as industrial and technical school instructors, we noticed a need for software training applications that could illustrate many of the abstract concepts that are difficult to teach. Many of these concepts required the ability to "imagine" what was happening to a circuit or a program. This revealed a real need for animation and interactivity. Because so few applications were available, we set out to develop applications for our own use in our classrooms. Many of our counterparts saw our applications and ask for copies. This led to the formation of what is now Koldwater Industrial Technology, LLC. The name Koldwater was derived from the last name of our founder, Stan Kaltwasser. Kaltwasser is German for cold water.
Business Industrial Network's ( BIN95.com ) goal for this division is to create a new mobile friendly website, improve on current offerings and convert more to online technical courses. Schools, government and companies interested in discounted site licenses may contact us at contact sales @ koldwater.com  or contact us via our HQ, BIN95.com
Thank You
Mike Smith Instructor - Francis Tuttle Tech Center "I purchased the PLC Trainer software after seeing it being used in training classes at Bama Foods in Tulsa. The engineering manager said they searched the Web for PLC training software, and found Koldwater Industrial Technology. My students really like to use the software to help them understand the book we use. After using the PLC trainer, I purchased the LogixPro PLC simulator. It is excellent! It allows you to experiment with the programs at home. My students are really enjoying the ability to try out programs before they input them on the real PLC's. Any time I have emailed questions, I received a reply almost immediately! This is a great company with which to do business. Thanks for supporting the educational community!"
"I would have put my real name, but I did not know if my school would approve of this, however, our school purchased software from Koldwater. The software is called PLCTrainer and LogixPro. I believe LogixPro is made by someone else however...Anyways, both of these products are used by our students, and they (the students) love the software and understand how PLC's work when they are done with the courses. Thanks Koldwater for a great product!
M. Dixon Electrician - Knox Creek Coal Co. "I have recently purchased the software, MCTrainer, and have found it to be an excellent motor control training program, there is also great product support for any problems you have."
Chuck Pheiffer Maintenance Mechanic "Many of the guys that I work with have been using and talking about your PLCTrainer bundle. I finally ordered a copy and want to let you know that this is exactly what I have been needing. My understanding of the instruction set for our 5/04 processors is so much better now. Now when I am troubleshooting a process, I can look at the logic in monitor mode and actually understand what is supposed to happen. This made my job sooooo much easier."
Ty Montgomery Maintenance Technician "The company that I work for recently bought your TSTrainer. They allowed all of the maintenance guys to use it. It has really helped to hone my trouble shooting ability."
The following is a quote from an Australian User of our Training Applications
Fred - "I am up to my third educational CD that I have purchased from you, and I just had to let you know that you are all truly amazing people and your dedication to providing a comprehensive and a USER FRIENDLY software is nothing short of brilliant. I now own the Constructor 9, The PLC Trainer and the CLX Trainer. My wife thinks I am out of control but I intend to buy the SCADA very soon. When I am studying sometimes I just rock back in my chair and laugh to myself at just how easy you have made it to learn. Thanks Heaps"
About the Founder
Stanley Kaltwasser is an Oklahoma Licensed Electrical Contractor and an employee of a nationally recognized technical school. With 45 years experience in the electrical industry specializing in control and automation applications, Mr. Kaltwasser is uniquely qualified to author and develop training materials for the controls and automation industry. He has taught Robotics and Automation Technology to secondary and collegiate students for the past 30 years, however his main emphasis today is on-site instruction in industry. During his tenure as a classroom teacher, Mr. Kaltwasser's students placed first in the Vocational Industrial Clubs of America (SkillsUSA), Robotic Workcell Technology contest 7 out of 9 years. Many of Mr. Kaltwasser's past students have gone on to become Maintenance Managers and Automation Specialist with nationally recognized manufacturers. He also serves on several apprenticeship boards. Mr. Kaltwasser has also authored and/or developed several curricula for Midstate Academic and Vocational Curriculum Consortium and several other computer-based training applications, including The CLXTrainer, The MCTrainer, The TSTrainer, The PLCTrainer, The ViewTrainer, The VFDTrainer, PLCTutor-Level 1, PLCTutor-Level 2, PLC Troubleshooter's Workshop, PLC Troubleshooting Decision Tree, Control Fundamentals, Motor Control Tutor 2, MotorConTutor for DOS, PLCTutor for DOS, MCTrouble and DeviceNet Tutor-Level 1.
Stan Kaltwasser