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Welcome to our industrial automation and electrical blog for the training of those in the electrical controls and automation industry. This welcome post will always be pinned to the top of the industrial automation blog. But scroll down to see the latest post. For organizational purposes, topics will be identified by either "Electrical Blog", Automation Blog" or "Industrial Blog" for the more generalized category.
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Automation Blog:

PLC and CNC troubleshooting flowchart:
This article by our mother company, about their CNC PLC Control troubleshooting flowchart, is colorful as well as informative. It is divided into operator-level CNC troubleshooting and Maintenance tech troubleshooting. But the full article explorers a cross-over section recommendation to reduce man-hour cost and downtime cost. More at

Electrical Blog:

Electrical motor troubleshooting:
Time for the reader's help. Please review the 8 primary electrical motor troubleshooting symptoms below. Do you feel they are in the correct order for the most common issue being listed first, to the least common being listed last?
  • Motor fails to start
  • High Noise Level
  • Overheating of bearings
  • Motor Vibrates
  • Intense Bearing Vibration
  • Overheating of Motor
  • Motor takes too long to accelerate
  • Slip Ring Motor Operating at Low Speed with External Resistance Disconnected
  • Brush Sparking
Please use the contact us form linked to at bottom of the pages, to let us know if you think the most common occurrence order should be changed. As the specific order of electrical motor troubleshooting symptoms can vary by industry, country/climate, etc. We will go with the most common on average reported over all industries. Just remember with your particular motor, application, location, or industry, the order may be slightly different. Your feedback is much appreciated.

Electrical motor troubleshooting:
Electric Motor Troubleshooting Flowchart ← Click to see, It's here !! Thanks to everyone's feedback, we can now share the most comprehensive interactive online electric motor troubleshooting flowchart in the world! Please see and share with your friends on social media.

Industrial Blog:

For the Industrial Reliability Engineer:
You reliability engineers out there should appreciate where Mike Sondalini is coming from in this article Alternatives to Lean Six Sigma Failures A reliability engineered approach to applying Lean Six Sigma.
Actually, everyone should, as each situation is different. A company in Japan will operate much differently than one in Germany, etc. Then there are variances by industry, country, size, etc. A custom-engineered approach much better insures success and maximum return on one's investment. Plus, as Mike points out in the above article, if you are engineering an approach, it will be system-wide, company-wide. Not just product and possibly maintenance, but company-wide from getting the order to delivery to the customer. Click on the link above to read Mike's article.

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