Electric Motor Troubleshooting Flowchart

Troubleshooting electric motors help...

Free online electric motor troubleshooting flowchart tool. Mobile friendly too, so accessible wherever you are troubleshooting electric motors. A great guide for which motor test you need to perform, be it a large industrial 3 phase electric motor troubleshooting job you are doing or you are just troubleshooting small electric motors. The motor fault symptoms are in order of which is most common so you can determine how to tell if an electric motor is bad, quicker.

Note: This generic motor troubleshooting flowchart is for quick reference only. It should not be considered a replacement for complete motor training or specific equipment manual. Once isolating a particular cause, you should refer to the equipment manual should you need more detail.


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Electric Motor Troubleshooting and Repair PDF:

The above electric motor troubleshooting chart will get you down to the specific failure cause like a capacitor or a centrifugal switch, but will not get into details like electric motor troubleshooting capacitor, its self. (IE: Using a VOM, what resistance you should see, etc.) For those specific electric motor troubleshooting and repair details, you have Google. Although in the future we plan on adding them to the flowchart app as electric motor troubleshooting and repair PDFs, videos and free online courses.