DeviceNet Tutorial

DeviceNet tutorial software with DeviceNet PDF lab manual.

Use this DeviceNet tutorial software with DeviceNet pdf manual if you want to learn about the DeviceNet cable connecting industrial devices and working in the automation industry. Device Net protocol, is a good example of running an Industrial Networking Protocol over a Controller Area Network (CAN) media layer.
The DeviceNet tutorial includes a DeviceNet PDF Laboratory Manual for use by Tech Schools, Community Colleges, Company Training Departments, Apprenticeship Programs, and individuals.
Many know this Device Net training software as Allen Bradley DeviceNet, but also includes a simulation of Cutler-Hammer Automation's NetView Software while covering Explicit Messaging. This DeviceNet Tutorial Training includes audio narration and starts with the "What is DeviceNet" section and ends with the DeviceNet troubleshooting section.
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This DeviceNet Tutorial Training (DNTrainer) training software includes the following units of instruction.
  • What is DeviceNet
  • DeviceNet cable & Component Identification
  • Physical Media
  • Power Supplies
  • DeviceNet Cable and Wiring
  • Grounding
  • DeviceNet Troubleshooting
  • Tips & Tricks
  • Glossary
  • DeviceNet PDF Laboratory Manual
  • Interactive Quiz
-- Final Exam
-- PDF Laboratory Manual
-- Password protected Student Log File (with Site License or Enterprise License).
-- Ability to print Certificate of Completion
-- Ability to print test responses (with Site License or Enterprise License).
This DeviceNet tutorial is interactive too. Pictured to the right is a screenshot of the DeviceNet wiring and architecture exercise. Where after studying the DeviceNet system on the previous screen, on this one you drag and drop DeviceNet network components and nodes to their proper layout.
The DeviceNet power supply specification and DeviceNet wiring are covered extensively with 15 screens and interactions. Pictured here is an interactive chart calculating the distance between nodes based on DeviceNet cable type and network architecture chosen.
The DeviceNet cable pinout is explained here via interaction. The high level of interactivity engages the student and brings each concept to life. As with each screen, there is audio narration too.
There is even a Device Net power supply calculator that explains each variable in the DeviceNet power supply selection process based on nodes/devices on the network. Example estimated of the network node device current drain is also given. The DeviceNet Tutorial includes a calculator for determining the voltage drop of the network because it is critical in the design and maintenance of an efficient DeviceNet network. The results of the calculations are graphically displayed on the next screen, emphasizing the results.
As with all Koldwater electrical controls training, the DeviceNet Tutorial ends with a DeviceNet troubleshooting section. A unit covering tips and tricks for the successful commissioning of a network is also included. These are things we learned the "hard way!"
DeviceNet Training software
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Comments from users:
Jeff White - "Really liked all the interaction in this unit. Good exercise at the end allowing them to build a system."
Marty McKinsey - "I found the DeviceNet Tutor 1 to be a very good training tool and I expect that the College will be purchasing a few packages."
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