LogixPro Simulator

Free LogixPro Fully Licensed PLC Simulator

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LogixPro is the ideal tool for learning the fundamentals of RSLogix ladder logic programming. The look, feel, and operation of our ladder rung editor so closely mimic Allen Bradley's RSLogix 500 software, that many need a second look to be sure who's editor they're using.
Free with our PLC Training Software
LogixPro PLC simulator free with PLCTrainer Certificate Course
LogixPro Simulator
Of course, the giveaway is the window containing one of the ProSim-II Simulations. This is where LogixPro really outshines typical PLC training setups, as they only employ a PLC connected to a handful of switches and lights. With LogixPro simulator you can have many more at zero maintenance cost.
LogixPro use ProSim-II Simulations to create more I/O
PLC simulator

By graphically simulating process equipment such as conveyors etc. in software, the synchronous and interactive nature of real industrial processes, presents the student with a far more realistic and challenging programming experience.

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you have the perfect PLC training program solution.


PLC Simulator software


We are a distributor for LogixProâ„¢, an RSLogix 500 Simulator! This "virtual PLC" environment or PLC Simulator allows the learner to apply the knowledge gained in The PLCTrainer without the expense of purchasing RSLogix or even a PLC. The LogixPro PLC Simulator is now available as a download.


The download contains the full LogixPro installation program. The LogixPro will start up fully unlocked and remain so. In addition, there will be no need to purchase a new program when LogixPro is updated or features are added. All future updates may be downloaded and installed at will, and without concern for the continued and unrestricted operation of LogixPro.


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Contact sales @ koldwater.com for multiuser pricing information. Pricing is based on the number of clients required. Please contact us directly for purchasing and packaging details. Community Colleges, Tech School, and Apprenticeship programs will be offered a discount for orders of 10 or more.