Electric Motor Control Circuit Training Software

The Motor Controls Trainer: More than just wiring diagrams and motor control theory.

This electric motor control circuit training software is quite detailed. It starts with wiring diagrams vs. ladder diagrams and motor control theory, covering the entire AC motor control system. Also included are Solenoids, timers, sensors, relays, troubleshooting, and an introduction to PLCs. Also, the PDF Laboratory Manual contains proven wiring assignments to help build competencies.
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Motor Controls Training videos

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This electrical motor controls Training (MCTrainer) Software includes the following units of instruction.
  • Wiring Diagrams vs. Ladder Diagrams
  • Ladder Diagram Logic & Basic Rules
  • Solenoids
  • Introduction to Timers
  • Control Applications
  • AC Motors
  • Sensing Devices
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Safety
  • Two Wire Controls
Wiring Diagrams and Ladder Diagrams  become secondhand to you as you go through the course with its simulated real-world devices changing the state in diagrams as a result of your interaction.
Also this electrical motor controls Training (MCTrainer) Software includes the following units of instruction.
  • Three Wire Controls
  • Separate Controls
  • Hand-Off-Automatic Controls
  • Sequence Controls
  • Reversing Controls
  • Jogging Controls
  • Timing Relay Circuits
  • Starting Methods
  • Deceleration Methods
  • An Introduction to PLCs
-- Final Exam
-- Laboratory Manual
-- Password-protected Student Log File (with Site License or Enterprise License).
-- Ability to print Certificate of Completion
-- Ability to print test responses (with Site License or Enterprise License).
-- Ability to bookmark
ladder diagrams
Interactive simulations teach the learner about solenoid switches and solenoid valves. Also, the entire course has audio narration available.
Motor control Timer relays are also covered. Learn the many types of relays and access relay pin references.
AC Motors simplified with the interactive demonstrations. You understand AC motor control better once you fully understand the theory of each electric motor type.
Even the most common sensors are covered. Some are direct motor control sensors like temperature. Others are in-direct motor control sensors like the limit and proximity switch. You use drag-and-drop interaction to trip the sensor and watch the motor sensor react in the motor control circuit.
You will better understand motor control theory, like the 3-wire motor control circuit pictured to the right. You can repeatedly review the interactions and listen to the narrations in the course. (Even read the text narration if you like.) Until you feel it all will stick.
Learn the electronic AC motor brake theory and other deceleration methods. Watch simulations of the electric motor circuit.
The VFD motor control circuit is also covered. See The VFD Training Software (VFDTraner) to learn more about VFDs.
As with all Koldwater electrical training software, rap up the training with the troubleshooting section "Troubleshooting Motor Controls". Then, you will be ready for the interactive quiz and print your certificate when you score 85% or better.


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