HMI SCADA Training

The View Trainer simulates Rockwell's HMI-SCADA software RSView32 for designing screens.

HMI (Human Machine Interfaces) and SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems are becoming more important than ever in the world of industrial automation controls. The ViewTrainer HMI SCADA training software provides you with the basics and knowledge to begin building these complex systems.
HMI SCADA Training | This HMI training based on the Rockwell HMI (human-machine interface) RSView32 - RSLinx and designing screens, is also great for SCADA basics training. Not just Tags, communications, and interactive programming tutorials, but more advanced industrial automation software topics like event logs, alarm management, node configuration, DDE, connecting to the OPC server and Excel, etc.
Simulates Rockwell HMI/SCADA, requiring the user to go through tasks, step by step.
Also has built-in narrated videos for further explanation.
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This new HMI Training (RSView32) Software includes the following units of instruction.
  • RSLinx Communications
  • DDE Topics & Excel
  • Creating a new RSView Project
  • Graphic Displays & Animation
  • Alarms
  • Data Logs
  • Run Mode
  • Interactive Quiz
-- Final Exam
-- Laboratory Manual
-- Password protected Student Log File (with Site and Enterprise License)
-- Ability to print Certificate of Completion
-- Ability to print test responses (with Site and Enterprise License)
As HMI SCADA systems are actually just industrial automation software serving as a man-machine interface communicating with other devices like the PLC, understanding the communications software is very important in HMI SCADA training. Rockwell uses RSLinx software for this purpose, so this ViewTrainer software provides a step-by-step RSLinx tutorial.
RSLinx tutorial
HMI SCADA system's other primary purpose besides being a Human Machine Interface (Supervisory Control), is Data Acquisition. Sharing that data with other computers and software via the OPC server. So this HMI training software starts out explaining SCADA basics in the most simple of terms with analogies that most can relate to.
After confirming the HMI SCADA basics understanding, the View Trainer training software walks users through a simulated interactive exercise of setting up a DDE link of machine data to an MS Excel spreadsheet.
HMI alarms are covered too, as shown in this screenshot. Setting up HMI SCADA alarms as well as HMI alarm management.
Also, HMI and SCADA event logs utilization and setup are covered in the HMI training software as shown in this screenshot.
Once you are done with your HMI design, moving all the proper files to workstations for RUN mode can be tricky sometimes. In this HMI training, we share some tips and tricks to help you securely manage those HMI SCADA runtime files.
This HMI course also includes an HMI SCADA trends example.
As if all this HMI SCADA training for one very low price was not enough, the ViewTrainer also comes with guides to extra SCADA HMI resources! If you utilize all the HMI training and resources, and study the included industrial automation software glossary, you will have a firm foundation in SCADA HMI basics.
HMI Training software
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