HMI Training Software:

Human Machine Interface HMI Training - The ViewTrainer (20 hours/35 hours with Lab Manual)
Prod #: KT-300-ViewTrainer
HMI (Human Machine Interfaces) Training, using AB Rockwell software's RSView32 look and feel
Also a great intro to SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) Training. Both HMI and SCADA are becoming more important than ever in the world of industrial automation controls. The ViewTrainer HMI SCADA training software provides you with the basic knowledge to begin building these complex systems.

HMI SCADA Training Sections:

  • RSLinx Communications
  • DDE Topics & Excel
  • Creating a new RSView Project
  • Graphic Displays & Animation
  • Alarms
  • Data Logs
  • Run Mode
  • Interactive Quiz

    -- Final Exam
    -- Laboratory Manual
    -- Password protected Student Log File
    -- Ability to print Certificate of Completion
    -- Ability to print test responses
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May be installed on one Home PC or Laptop (single user)
Single User License CD
May be installed on one Home PC or Laptop (single user)
Multi-user licenses below have mini LMS that are network compatible for student/employee progress monitoring and reporting.
Site License
May be installed on any number of computers at a single street address, unlimited users.
This HMI Training software is a great supplemental course for those who have taken the PLC & PAC courses.
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