Motor Control Training:

Motor Controls Training- The MCTrainer (25 hours/60 hours with Lab Manual)
Prod #:    KT-500-MCTrainer
Wiring Diagrams vs. Ladder Diagrams
Ladder Diagram Logic & Basic Rules
Electromechanical Relays
Introduction to Timers
Control Applications
AC Motors
Sensing Devices
Preventative Maintenance
Two Wire Controls
Three Wire Controls
Separate Controls
Hand-Off-Automatic Controls
Sequence Controls
Reversing Controls
Jogging Controls
Timing Relay Circuits
Starting Methods
Deceleration Methods
An Introduction to PLCs
Note:"The Constructor" referred to in the Lab Manual for this course, The MCTrainer, is not included with or required by the MCTrainer course listed on this page. You can follow the link and additionally purchase "The Constructor" too if you like. It is a great supplemental tool to use long side this MCTrainer course, if you would like to. but the MCTrainer is a standalone course, no other software is needed.
M. Dixon - Electrician - Knox Creek Coal Co. "I have recently purchased the software, MCTrainer, and have found it to be an excellent motor control training program, there is also great product support for any problems you have."
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3 wire motor control circuit
Wiring Diagrams
electronic ac motor brake circuit
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This Motor Controls Training course is a prerequisite for the PLC Training
Also after the training on this page, taking the Troubleshooting Training Course is the next logical step. A little extra troubleshooting never hurt.
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