Koldwater Technologies, announces the release of a NEW version of "The PLCTrainer". This new PLC Training Software includes Analog instruction, an area that has been overlooked by most training materials.
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  • Introduction to PLCs
  • Input/Output Modules
  • Safety Circuit
  • PLC Processors
  • Numbering Systems & Codes
  • Basic Programming
  • Timer Instructions
  • Counter Instructions
  • Program Control Instructions
  • Data Manipulation
  • Math Functions
  • Shift Registers & Sequencers
  • Analog Inputs & Outputs
  • Networks
  • Human Machine Interfaces
  • Trouble Shooting
  • Lab Manual
  • Ability to Call RSLogix or LogixPro
  • Book Marking
  • Password Protected Student Log File
  • Glossary
  • Trouble Shooting Flow Chart
  • Video Animations
  • Internet PLC Resources
The PLCTrainer includes a Laboratory Manual full of proven practical applications that allow the student to gain an understanding of the PLC's Instruction Set. The screens demonstrating the Instructions have a look and feel of RSLogix, plus if you own a copy of RSLogix you can open it from within The PLCTrainer!
PLC analog inputs and outputs are discussed as are the mathematical relationships involved.
Examples of the PLC SCL or Scale instruction are illustrated with practical easy to understand examples.
Examples of the SCP or Scale with Parameters instruction are illustrated with practical easy to understand examples.
Example of troubleshooting exercises. The more you practice PLC troubleshooting, the greater your skill increases, the less downtime you have. This PLC training software provides a safe environment in which to practice. The entire application also includes narration!
Realistic "Works Orders" are displayed on the screens that require the technician to trouble shoot a PLC managed automation system!
The PLCTrainer also includes an extensive Glossary of terms that are common to PLC technology.
Also be sure to see our free online PLC training(PLCTrainer) demo. Google Chrome browser blocks Java, so use another browser for free online PLC training demo.
Glossary of KeyWords
The tutorial comes with an interactive, self scoring Final Exam!
Along with the interactive "self scoring" final exam, the student has the option to print a certificate of completion.
Even if the certificate is not printed, the score and student name are saved in the "student log file." Additionally, when the quiz is scored, the student name and final score are appended to a colon delimited text file that may be imported into a database or spreadsheet application.... making the site license purchasing option perfect for Tech Schools, Community Colleges, Universities, Apprenticeship Programs and company training departments.
A Laboratory Manual full of College proven and tested programming assignments is included with the tutorial. The Manual is in Adobe PDF format that you can print if need be.
Lab Manual
In older equipment, thumbwheels may be used for data entry. (After all, industrial equipment can last for decades.) The Binary Coded Decimal instructions FRD and TOD are handy in dealing with them. They are also handy for learning BCD.
Data manipulation instructions like the FIFO load and unload example pictured here, are explained with interactive PLC simulations.
Video Animations are used to illustrate some complex concepts, so technician can relate code to real world better.
A list of PLC resources are available. You may periodically update this list via a FREE download !
LogixPro is the ideal tool for practicing the fundamentals of RSLogix PLC programming in ladder logic . The look, feel and operation of the ladder rung editor so closely mimics Allen Bradley's software (Rockwell's RSLogix 500), that many need a second look to be sure who's editor they're using.
This PLC training course is a prerequisite to the RSLogix 5000 Training Course
PLC Training software
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