Technical Training Course Software Bundles

Save 20% or more on these Technical Training Course Software Bundles we have put together for you. Maintenance Technician, PLC Technician and Automation Specialist, you will find these interactive training courses highly targeted towards your profession and a great tool for moving you up the career ladder. Paypal add to cart buttons offer qualified individuals a 6 month payment plan upon check out.
Schools and companies: Contact us for unlimited user site licenses and then build entire curriculums around these technical training course bundles. (On this page are single user bundles only.) All technical training courses are highly engaging to keep students and employees interested; and they make for a great technical skill evaluation tool too.
Single user Bundled applications with discount pricing...
Technical training courses
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PLC Technician 's Bundle
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Prod #:  KT-098B-PLCTech-Bundle
Technical training videos <click for technical training video samples>
The Automation Specialist
Order Now single user (a 32% discount !)
Prod #:  KT-100B-AutoSpec-Bundle
The Maintenance Technician
Order Now single user (a 31% discount !)
Prod #:  KT-800B-MaintTech-Bundle
Technical training videos <click for technical training video samples>
Technician's Dream
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Prod #:  KT-099B-TechDream-Bundle
The PLCTrainer
The LogixPro Simulator
The CLXTrainer
The ViewTrainer
The VFDTrainer
The MCTrainer
The TSTrainer
The DeviceNet Tutor -Level 1
The The Constructor (Great for instructors to use as teaching tool via overhead in class.)
[Constructor version 13 Note: This CD shipped separately.]
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