All Web-Based, SCORM 1.2 Compliant Training Modules for use by Tech Schools, Community Colleges, Universities, and Apprenticeship Programs.
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PLC Training (RSLogix 500) ControlLogix Training (RSLogix 5000)
HMI Training (RSView 32 Works)
VFD Training (PowerFlex 4)
Motor Control Training
Mike Smith - Instructor - Francis Tuttle Tech Center
"I purchased the PLC Trainer software after seeing it being used in training classes at Bama Foods in Tulsa. The engineering manager said they searched the Web for PLC training software, and found Koldwater Industrial Technology. My students really like to use the software to help them understand the book we use. After using the PLC trainer, I purchased the LogixPro PLC simulator. It is excellent! It allows you to experiment with the programs at home. My students are really enjoying the ability to try out programs before they input them on the real PLC's. Any time I have emailed questions, I received a reply almost immediately! This is a great company with which to do business. Thanks for supporting the educational community!"
Anonymous - Instructor
"I would have put my real name, but I did not know if my school would approve of this, however, our school purchased software from Koldwater. The software is called PLCTrainer and LogixPro. I believe LogixPro is made by someone else however...Anyways, both of these products are used by our students, and they (the students) love the software and understand how PLC's work when they are done with the courses. Thanks Koldwater for a great product!"
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